Our Medifast Recipe Contest Winners

Meet Our VERY Lucky Winner for the May 2013 Recipe Contest!

Hidemi Walsh who won both the early bird draw and grand prize draw for a total of $200! Congratulations Hidemi!
I am Japanese and moved to the US from Japan to marry to my American husband 4 years ago.   I was overweight when I was in my mid 20s which was so embarrassing because most girls in Japan are skinny. I tried lots of different things to lose weight. The most effective and the best way was to change my meal habits, not how much I eat but WHAT I eat.  I also stopped dining out and cooked at home every day. I was living alone at the time so it was easier for me to change my diet and eliminate any temptations. I didn’t skip any meals. I just stayed away from deep-fry, creamy dressing, too much sugary sweets. Also I exercised every day at home (just 15 minutes). I lost about 25 lb in 3-4 months and since then I haven’t gained weight so easily even if I eat more than usual. Sometimes I treat myself with ice cream or chips but I always try to be active and positive for my physical health and mental health too.



Announcing Our Recipe Contest Winners for November 2012!

Margo Plachetka who won $100 for our Random Recipe Draw!
“I started Medi-fast the end of August. I wanted to lose about 50 pounds. To date I have lost 30 pounds! I have various health issues and wanted a healthier lifestyle. Medi-fast is doing that for me. I love to cook, so thinking up ways to make my usual recipes more healthy was exciting! Thanks for the prize!! Love your site!”


Maggie Durkin who won $150 for Best Recipe! (Asian Stir Fry)
“I started on my weight loss journey 2 months ago, with my parents. They’re using the medifast food, I’m broke, so I’m just using the basic principles. My love of cooking and the lean and green guidelines have made it more enjoyable. The stir fry recipe is one I came up with early on, and it’s a family favorite; even family members who aren’t on the diet like it. Over the last two months, I’ve lost 15 lbs, and that’s without any additional exercising beyond the 20 minutes a week I put in on the elliptical machine. My mom has lost the same amount of weight, and my dad has lost more. We’ve all got a long way to go, but now that we’re all adjusted to the diet and the eating pattern, we’re starting to add more exercise.”

Congratulations to all our winners!

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