Simple Home Fitness – An Introduction

Home Fitness

I’ve been using a simple home workout plan and decided to share it here. Keep in mind that I’m not a doctor or trained exercise person, so read the Terms and Conditions of the site before implementing this home fitness training.

Exercise for Fat People

Let’s face it: Fat people pretty much hate exercise. This is part of the reason we got into our situation in the first place. If you loved to run as much as you loved to eat Cheetoh’s, you probably wouldn’t even be reading this site. I will admit that I’ve never been a fan of exercise. I knew it was important, but there were other ways I wanted to spend my time.

To make matters worse, once I was really overweight and desperately needed to exercise – I was embarrassed to exercise in front of other people. Maybe I’m vain, but the idea of going to a gym mortified me. I didn’t even want people to see me when I was out walking or attempting to jog. During my attempts at starting an exercise program, I would leave the house while it was still dark, so people wouldn’t see my fat ass running down the street.

This has all changed since I started a home fitness program. The exercise plan is very basic, very quick and starts out very easy. All of the exercises can be performed at home and indoors. You don’t need any specialized home fitness equipment. You don’t need a gym membership. You can perform all of these exercises in private. And you will get results.

This site primarily focuses on how to achieve quick weight loss with Medifast. This home fitness program can be used by anybody, whether you are on a diet or not, however, there are some special considerations for Medifasters. Medifast recommends that you don’t start exercising until your third week on the program. I don’t want to disagree with their advice, but if you start at a simple with home fitness, you could probably start right away.

Losing Weight vs. Building Health

The home fitness exercise plan is not designed to burn calories. If you’re significantly overweight, it is going to take an immense amount of exercise to get to your ideal weight. It’s probably more exercise than you are capable of doing at this point. For example, it would take almost an hour and half of aerobics to burn off the calories in one Big Mac.

Don’t start exercising to lose weight. Start exercising to make your life better.

If you’re already losing weight with Medifast, exercise can help you lose weight more rapidly, but there are more important reasons to start a home fitness program.

  • Regular exercise can help increase your metabolism. Your body will be able to burn calories more efficiently all the time.
  • Regular exercise will help you live longer.
  • Regular exercise will help you feel better. You’ll sleep better, your mood will be better and you will feel better about yourself.

If you’ve already started losing weight through Medifast or some other method, you’ve already begun to attack one half of the problem. That’s a major step. You’ve reduced your caloric intake and hopefully increased the quality of the food you’re putting into your body.

Now, let’s attack the other half of the problem – EXERCISE. There is no need to do anything extreme. We’ll start small and gradually build up the intensity of these home fitness exercises. I’m serious when I say that anybody can do these. All you need to do is make the decision that you are going to improve your physical fitness and devote about 15 minutes a day.

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