Pizza Hut 5,000 Calorie Pizza

Pizza Hut 5,000 calorie pizza

Fast Food wants to kill you… or at the very least, it wants you to be fat. Fast Food companies have scientists and cooks hard at work devising ways to get you hooked on high fat, high-sugar food. Once they have you hooked, they can continue to twist the knobs until you are salivating over even more disgusting and dangerous “food.” Want some proof? Check out this monster from Pizza Hut Japan. It’s called the Pizza Hut Double Roll Pizza.

If your brain has been sufficiently mutated by Fast Food, then you will have no problem recognizing the ingredients. But if you think your eyes are deluding you, let me reassure you the pizza starts with the foundation of a 12 inch cheese pizza from Pizza Hut and then layers on 12 Pigs n Blanket, 12 Cheese Pizza Rolls, 2 slices of bacon, an Italian Sausage, 4 hamburger patties and 3 ounces of ham. There are some vegetables thrown in for good measure.

Fitsugar has done some calculations and estimated that a single slice of pizza contains 646 calories with the entire pizza clocking in at over 5,000 calories. The Pizza Hut Double Roll isn’t currently available outside of Japan, but … that doesn’t mean the Fast Food companies aren’t engineering something even worse in the U.S. and elsewhere.

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April August 20, 2009 at 3:22 am

I must walk past a pizza shop on my way home from work. Instead of going in, I focus on my destination. Fast food is not interested in my health.


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